Web Hosting or Web Hosting Servers and Domain for Web Hosting

What is Web Hosting or Web Hosting server ?

Web Hosting  – When you sign up for a hosting plan , web hosting service is a company that manages servers – your web hosting pages.

A server is a specialized computer that stores hosts your website’s files and sends – serves them to people who visit your site , server can be just about any computer with an Internet connection. In fact, you can use your home computer as a server. Self Hosting !

Let’s web server hosting – web host:

• The server is the computer where your website files
• You host your website on a server
• The hosting service manages that server
• Hosting service and web host usually mean the same thing.

Web Hosting by type:

  • Shared hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • VPS hosting

Shared hosting:
Shared hosting – you share a server with other customers. Server is split up into virtual partitions ,  hosting account being assigned to a particular partition. Shared hosting plans are cheap.. Most web hosting plans are very full-featured and allow you to host unlimited websites on your web hosting.
Your shared hosting site’s performance can vary due to activity of other sites on server. For 90% of websites on shared web hosting will be sufficient.

Dedicated hosting:
In dedicated hosting you are essentially leasing an entire server from the hosting company. Nobody else will be allowed to use your machine. Website load extremely quickly , and unless you are receiving insane amounts of traffic , never have to worry about performance. You’ll be able to install custom software.Dedicated servers are for large companies, high-traffic websites,  complex web applications that need a lot of processing power.  Very little chance you’ll need dedicated web hosting for your small site !

VPS – Virtual Private Server:
A virtual private server is a halfway point between shared and dedicated hosting. Virtual private servers are created by dividing a single server into a “virtual machines”.  These virtual machines have own memory, operating systems  , they all run on a single physical machine, don’t affect one another user. VPS hosting is not necessary for the majority of new sites.

A VPS is a virtual machine service an internet hosting service. It runs its own OS and customers are provided super user access to the operating system. This allows users to install and manage almost anything they wish for their operating system.

Shared web hosting reseller / VPS hosting Reseller lets you create multiple accounts under a single account. These sub-accounts can then be sold to other.

Buy a Domain for web hosting

Buying a domain for web hosting your web site (process):
1. Check free domain  / availability /
2. Choose a registrar for new domain.
3. Purchase the domain over registrar.
4. Point over DNS / nameservers to your web hosting domain.

1. Checking domain name availability

Over web sites registrars or using other online or desktop tools like the excellent Instant Domain Search , Expired domain etc.

2. Choose a domain registrar

You purchase a domain from a registrar. A registrar is a company  accredited by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

Popular registrars domains and web hosting package:

  • GoDaddy
  • Namecheap
  • Register.com
  • Domain.com

3. Purchase the domain for your web hosting:

Purchasing a domain , simply create an account with your registrar of choice, enter the domain you want to buy and follow next the directions. However, there are a couple of potential stumbling blocks you should be prepared for –  Contact Information.
When registering a domain, you’ll be asked to contact information:
• Registrant
• Administrative
• Technical
• Billing contact

4. Private registration the domain:

All registrars offer of privacy protection for your domain. Because otherwise your personal information, including phone number and address, will be visible to anybody who uses a WHOIS lookup info domain.

5. Point the domain DNS and IP

Point to your web hosting server ,once you get your domain, you will “DNS/IP point” it towards your web hosting servers. This is done by changing the domain’s DNS nameservers in account registrar your domain.

Example for you point a domain by changing the nameservers :

1. Check email form registrar to find the nameservers.
2. Log in to domain management area for registrars.
3. Click the name of the domain you want to modify
4. Click Domain Name Server Setup
5. Select Specify Custom DNS Servers
6. Copy and paste the nameservers into the first two fields
7. Click Save Changes.
It can take up to 48 hours for the changes to take effect.

Parked Domains
If you visit your domain right after you buy it, you may see a generic looking page. This means your domain has been “parked” by your registrar.   This page will go away as soon as your site is live.

Managed with your domain and web hosting

CPANEL for Web Hosting:

Logging in to cPanel- link to the cPanel login for your site.
Most of the time, cPanel is a URL with this format:

File Manager for Web Hosting:
The File Manager is a tool for uploading, editing, and deleting files on your server. File Manager is great for adding or editing a small number of files, but if you working with larger then you should probably use FTP upload.

Database management:
Dynamic websites and web hostings , most modern sites are driven by databases. cPanel offers create and manage your databases.

Add-on Domains
If your hosting package allows you to host more than one site this tool to add new domains to your web hosting – webspace.

When you want , your domain or web page to point to another domain or web page or web hosting . You can do this with Redirects.

Using WordPress on Your Web Hosting

A Content Management System (CMS) is a framework that makes it easy for webmasters to add, edit, and remove website page content.
WordPress used by tens of millions of sites. It’s free, easy to use.

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